Sheila & Mike

in Mileham

About Sheila & Mike's Garden

The garden was surrounded by very thick Leylandii hedge, with some very tall trees in one corner, when we moved here 15 years ago. As we dug we encountered many flints, drain pipes, and general household broken pottery and glass. So in 2010 we decided to remove the hedge and see if we could get any thing to grow. We later found out three cottages had been demolished in the garden!

Over the years it has developed into a higgledy piggledy wild cottage garden. Every year is different, some things delightful and others a pain. The worst word in my vocabulary is 'ground elder'! Takes more of my time than anything. Various shrubs and far too many perennials and annuals compete to survive. It is fun though and suits us.

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A surprise round every corner - truly magical!


Inspired planting - so much character!