in Litcham

About Karen's Garden

The house had once been the home of a keen flower arranger and the garden reflected this. Over the 20 years we have been here we have lost a number of trees to honey fungus including a twisted hazel and a laburnum. In their place we have planted lots of roses, and more recently as a result of building onto the house, we replaced a small grass area which was difficult to mow with a paved terrace which offers a lovely seating area from which to enjoy the garden. The garden is divided into three sections, the terrace, the main lawn and flower beds and a smaller area behind a flint wall which provides a space for a cutting garden, a couple of apple trees, a pear and a Victoria plum and a small area for vegetables.

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A beautiful cottage garden, full of colour, that invites you to relax in it.


Your garden looks wonderful; mature roses against brick and flint, a quintessential English garden.