Kathy & Tony

in Mileham

About Kathy & Tony's Garden

When we moved here 18 years ago, there was a lot more grass, but over the years new beds have been created and filled with a variety of plants. Peonies are a particular favourite along with foliage and herbaceous plants. However, like most gardens, it is sometimes necessary to take stock and 'let go' plants that are not earning their keep. This year we have removed 5 large shrubs or trees. Now there is a lot of bare fence, but lots of planting opportunities!

We also like to encourage wildlife into the garden and enjoy the birds that visit. Last year, a new pond was installed and it's proving very successful, with 33 frogs in the spring and a resulting large number of tadpoles. Last autumn we had a Willow Emerald Damselfly visit and regular visitors so far this year include Large Red and Azure Blue Damselfly.

17 July Update

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A delightful garden and lovely plants, especially the paeonies.