Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reduce the size of the garden pictures carousel as it doesn't all fit on my screen?

The pictures will rescale to fit the window they are being displayed on. Most of the photos are 3 to 2 ratio and may be too tall to fit comfortably on a wide screen laptop. The answer is to resize your web browser window so it's a bit narrower and the pictures will resize themselves to fit.

For Microsoft Windows make sure the browser window isn't maximised and that there is a single square icon πŸ”³ in the top right next to the βœ–. If necessary click the double square to Restore Down. Drag the corner or sides of the window to make it narrower. The photos will rescale.

The original picture size has been chosen so that it works on the majority of devices, including iPads.

Why are there different flower icons in The Gardens menu?

The flower icons indicate the village where the garden is located:

  • 🌷 Litcham

  • 🌻 Mileham

  • 🌺 Ryburgh

  • 🌹 Stanfield

  • πŸ’ Weasenham St Peter

How much of my donation will go to the East Anglian Air Ambulance?

Donations are made through JustGiving who take a payment processing fee of 1.9% + Β£0.20.

If someone donates Β£30.00 JustGiving deduct the payment processing fee and send the rest to the EAAA.

If a donor decides to add Gift Aid onto their donation then JustGiving collect this 25% Gift Aid on the EAAA’s behalf. JustGiving then deduct a 5% Gift Aid processing service fee and automatically send the rest over to the EAAA.

For every Β£30.00 donated that is eligible for Gift Aid, the EAAA charity receives Β£36.36. (Source)