in Mileham

About Nancy's Garden

My partner and I moved here in 2001, when there was only an established Bramley and two pear trees, as well as many unwanted things we set about removing. When an outbuilding was taken away, we were left with a large area to work on. Out of that came the three very large herbaceous beds, more by luck than design. Many of the plants we originally put in came from the woman in Longham who sold cuttings in aid of a leprosy charity, and I should add here that I am by no means a plantswoman. I’m lucky if I can remember a plant's first name, let alone its second!

We made raised beds in the veg patch, redoing them a few years ago to make them bigger. We planted small native Norfolk apple trees all around it, as well as planting a quince tree, damson and apple to replace a huge conifer hedge by the drive. The greenhouse is a godsend, as it allowed us to grow a good number of tomatoes and raise plants and flowers from seed.

Having a number of different places to sit was important to us, as you get a different feel for a garden depending on the viewpoint and to find shade when it gets too hot.

Although the garden takes a fair bit of effort to maintain, it is a constant source of pleasure to sit in and just appreciate.

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It seems only an army of Gardner’s could have produced these results. But I know it’s only you. However you must have engaged a professional photographer for the images. Well done.


What a beautiful garden! Lots of space for tranquillity and so productive too. You can see all the hard work, planning and love poured in, what a achievement. Xx


When I met you over 40 years ago you knew nothing about gardening! Now look what you've achieved - absolutely brilliant, beautiful and bountiful.

Somerset Sally x

Wow what an amazing garden, you could get lost in there for days.

Olivia Pruce

The Garden looks very peaceful Nancy and I LOVE the stone head

Chris Pruce

Nancy, your garden is beautiful! You definitely have a green thumb. I'm glad Beth shared this with me.

Cousin Debi

Makes me happy to know this garden makes you happy. A well deserved space in time. Very beautiful.


Absolutely gorgeous! That’s my sister Nancy a very talented woman. I know how much pleasure and peace you derive from this beautiful garden.

Love, Beth ❀️

Lovely big beds and interesting planting. The veg garden is impressive!


Tom was trying to spot a huge zucchini!

Tom and Jane

What a fabulous garden Nancy, full of charm and beauty. Most impressed with the veg garden. You must work really hard to get it so perfect.