Jeffrey & Sally

in Mileham

About Jeffrey & Sally's Garden

Our house is an old Coaching Inn and when we moved here in 1985 it was paddock up to the house. We have gradually created a flower garden, small orchard, vegetable garden and wild area.

The wild area is round an old field pond and has a medium sized population of Great Crested Newts and Smooth Newts. In spring it is a mass of primroses, cowslip, oxlips, bluebells and a variety of other wild flowers. Currently cow parsley predominates.

Around the boundary we have planting several hundred hedging trees (mostly now mature) and in the paddock have started planting natives trees included a disease resistant Elm. The hedges, outbuildings and nest boxes provide nest areas for dozens of species of birds, something which we are quite proud of.

We also have released hedgehogs in the garden - this is the third lot of 4 we have released so it is good to see one pair has chosen to make their home here.

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Beautiful garden . Well done both of you xxx

Erica Jordan

Garden looks stunning. Loving the hedgehogs πŸ¦”πŸ¦”πŸ¦”


My ideal garden; a bit of everything: flowers, an orchard area, a great kitchen garden, impressive composting bins and space...a wonderful combination.