Jean & David

in Mileham

About Jean & David's Garden

We arrived in the friendly village of Mileham just over a year ago. The first impression of our garden was that it was very pretty but on later inspection proved to be a wilderness of overgrown plants and weeds. As we started to assemble some order it soon became clear that the growth was so tangled that it was almost impossible to save any of the original planting. Only the trees and a few shrubs have survived.

Fortunately the hard landscaping was done twelve years ago when the house was built but the garden has been sadly neglected for the past two years.

We have now created order and started to build a garden of our choosing although still in its infancy will be lovely when it finally matures.

We hope that next year β€œOpen Gardens” will resume and you will be able to visit our garden in person.

17 July Update

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